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Want play NBA LIVE mobile? read this before you play it!

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NBA live mobile game, available for iOS and Android, allows you to choose an NBA team and assume the role of your team’s General Manager (GM). As the GM you can, later on, acquire more powerful players to add to team your team thus strengthening your squad. Unless you are purely playing to win, in which case you should only choose the team with the best players, it is always advisable to settle for your favorite team. Below are NBA live mobile game tips and tricks, guaranteed to help you get maximum coins, improve your game and win all games.

1. Understand the basics

nba live mobile player tips

If you are just starting out, and hence unsure where to start, learn the basics and dutifully follow the prompts. As GM, you can introduce your current players in your team or add players from past decades who surface as you open more and more card packs. However, while setting up your team, do not solely pay attention to the performance of the players. It is important to ensure that the players you choose match very well particularly if you desire to have a lineup that has a higher prospect of winning.

2. Avoid selling players at all costs when starting

how to play nba live mobile well

Focus your efforts towards piling up on your players, always watching the happenings in the market so as to identify and grab the best deal. Start by acquiring highly-rated players and bringing them on board to strengthen your team. Early on, your objective should be to get value for money, so buy players, with an aggregate rating of 65 and above, for as low as 200 nba live coins. Later on, as you continue playing, you’ll be able to acquire even better players.

3. Amass as many rewards as possible

Whenever you play a game as you go through the season, your team earns some coins. You also get a small amount of XP for every quarter you complete, in addition to other season rewards pack teams are entitled to for using the necessary lineups for the precise game you participate in. So, it is important to ensure you complete each season as quickly as possible so as to get tons of coins that you can later use to enhance your team.

4. Play and complete the Obstacle Drill

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Player packs hold the key to your team improvement. Surprisingly, you can get more packs without spending a single coin. How? By just playing the Obstacle Drill and making sure you complete it. After successfully completing one, you can either win a free card pack, trophies or better still, coins which you can use to buy player packs. Alternatively, you can participate in practices, which will, in turn, give you an opportunity to earn coins and packs free of charge.


Complete achievements and use wisely the coins you earn as rewards and never sell players unless it is necessary. Most importantly, understand your players and team up those you know will mesh up well. Also, always play through the season and use the bonus coins, you earn in the process, to create and maintain the strongest team in NBA live mobile.