How to play warspear online the newbies guide for warspear online game

How to play warspear online the newbies guide for warspear online game

If you are a new player, you should read this guide to help you become a pro in this fantastic online a game. As a beginner, there are classes that you should play: and we are going to discuss some of the classes in this guide as well.

Firstborn and chosen

As a starter, the best class to play is Blade Dancer. The level gives you High damage, because you will probably do a lot of damage, and High armor, because you will low damage.

warspear online character build

Mountain clan and forsaken

If you are a new player, you should consider Necromancer or Shaman because it will help you heal faster. You will not be able to do a lot of damage, but either way, you must heal. There are many other classes to choose from, but it will great to start with these classes.


Once you have created your character, you can purchase Novice Set. The reason to purchase Novice Set is that it will make you stronger. In addition, it features some amazing costume. In will increase your Mana, Health Points, Defence, and Damage, especially if you use it at level 1.

You will get better than the novice set weapon once you reach level 7. Furthermore, you will receive better items. It is advisable that you eliminate the novice set once you reach either level 9 or 10. If you do not wish to spend your money, you can still survive in the game without the Novice Set too.

Also, make sure that you loot every item that you get along the ways, especially when you kill monsters because you can sell them and get some extra warspear online gold. In your quest, you will come across some ugly and deadly monsters, and you definitely need help to destroy them. You can seek help from world chat to wait for other players to come for the quest because there are many of them.

Important things to take into account

Once you get to level 12, you will qualify for a quest to go in IrseInort. However, you will have to spend 270 gold. Now, if you do not have sufficient gold, you will have to kill several monsters to get loot and sell it to the vendor. At level 14, you will get a quest that will send you to Norplant Swamps.

Norplant Swamps

This is an incredible place, but it can also be confusing and frustrating. When you get to the Norlant Swamps, you will get some quest which you will have to complete.  To complete these quests, you have to use portals. The portals are designed to teleport you at random places in Norlant Swamps. If your quest isn’t in the swamps, you must look for the portals to try again. At certain areas, you will see some scary creatures. Here, you will be forced to remove your items, because there is a high possibility you will die so many times and your items are prone to breaking.

New skills

Every player who has gotten to level 18 can learn new skills. But to get here, you have to spend around 40,000 golds. You have to find manuals and study the new skills. But you can get them if you manage to kill the dungeons, purchase from traders or killing bosses.

Relic quest

You will come across the message “Where is Relic” while you are levelling. This is usually a quest you come across are level 14. You will have to find the location of the relic. The first step is to ask all the npc’s in every city and you definitely find someone who know where it is. Also, you can ask in chat, and if you are lucky, someone will tell you.

Crimson corundum

This is an in-game currency.  To earn crimson corundum, you have to complete daily quests in Camp of Legion, Kamp Riff, and so on. You can purchase as many items as you like, once you get hold of Crimson Corundum. The vendor is located in Nadir.

If you become the first player in all of your quests, you will get a special gift that will make you even stronger.