TERA art concept

Complete beginner guide to play TERA game

Tera is the free to play fantasy and interesting MMORPG game and this game was published by En Masse entertainment and Gameforge. This game takes MMORPG combat to next level with the enhanced dodging, aiming and tactical timing in order to make rewarding and intense combat. If you are looking to avoid getting hit in the combat, you must choose dodge attack instead of standing in the place and rely on the skill ratings or arbitrary armor.

Tera game is designed with wonderful numbers of the features which includes choice of control, true action combat, seven races, vast fantasy world, epic monster battles, vibrant online community and stunning graphics. This game has been updated with glided mask content expansion which might bring red refuge dungeon to top level player. In tera game, traditional fantasy themed MMORPG set at world of the arborea along with the top notch graphics.

Tips to play TERA game better

lets play TERA

Tera game is designed with excellent numbers of the features such as unique story, real time combat, amazing setting, character variety and high production value. If you are willing to play this game then you must follow some tips such as:

  • Glossary explaining in-game terminology
  • Two ways of acquiring experience quest oriented and grind oriented
  • Hints and items which makes it possible to eliminate enemies and get experience faster like scrolls, potions, charms and boots

The general rule of the any video game is that have fun. You can follow some tips to improve your winning chances in tera game such as read quest description, node rage, ask before grouping and be friendly. You can team up with your friends in order to take down big ass monsters in the open world hunting zone and menacing dungeons. To get more TERA gold you can also come to gamerusher.com to see the cheap price gold and you can also choose other game service from GameRusher!

Tera game is offering cosmetic items, accessories, costumes, weapon skins and mounts from the in game store. There are useful numbers of the reasons are there to play tera game such as true action combat, vast fantasy world, epic encounter, world of fellow players, no restrictions and retooled for console. Tera is offering immersive MMO experience from comfort of living room couch. It is the best game to play it with your friends. The most important part of the tera game is that community and it is packed with amazing social features.

Lets begin play TERA on playstation 4 and xbox one

Interesting ways to play tera game

In case you are a MMORPG veteran then tera game is the best choice and you must follow some tips to play tera game such as pick server, character creation, starting areas, quests, getting wealth, rest, travel and parties. Enhancement crystal might allow you to customize weapons and armor along with additional stats. You are suggested to follow some unique strategies which could be useful to maximize your winning chances. It is the role playing game so you can play this game with your friends. In a game, control pad, mouse and keyboard could be used to control character. It is the best action based gameplay and different versions of the tera games are available.