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Why we say NBA 2K18 is the best basketball game at this year

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NBA 2K18 is expected to be launched soon, and everybody is excited to find out, what new features will this game bring. According to the developers, there will be a major update and it will be focused mostly on the “Career Mode”. Even though they didn’t disclose any accurate information about the updates, the fans are already creating wishlists. In the following, we will tell you more about these wishlists and explain why players want play NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18

1) Custom Skills

This feature was considered before, but it was never applied yet. However, it’s extremely interesting, because it allows you to simply put talent in a player. At the beginning, you will receive some skill points, that you could place wherever you want. For example, you could use these points to create a full strength player or one with enhanced ball control. Of course, by doing this, you will have less points for skills like speed or defensive, but it will worth it. A more valuable player would receive more skill points, while a cheaper one, will receive less. This will let you adjust the team better, and you will have to think more as a strategist, if you want to defeat your opponents.

2) Separate My Park from My Career In NBA 2K18

Many players stated that they will like NBA 2K18 more, if the developers will separate these two features. Even though they are both very fun, they don’t blend well, when they are being put together. In most people opinion, the My Park feature should be totally distinct from the main career mode. It should also be more competitive, allowing you to get some rewards, for every trick and jump that you make. In the previous versions, the ”My Park” was nothing more than a training feature, where you could master some of your slam dunks and schemes.

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3) Dedicated Shooters

Like any role-play simulator, NBA 2K18 should focus more on the players morale. People will love to play the game, if there will be one type of shooters, that increase their accuracy every time they’re on a hot streak. Their results should improve by 30%, every time they have a good morale, and return to their original state, once they get out of rhythm. Of course, their accuracy will still be improved once they gain more experience on the field.

4) Start From College

Because it’s a role-play game, players should start their career only from college, being able to advance afterwards. This will let them gain some experience by playing in the amateur leagues, managing to understand the basics. The additional summer leagues shouldn’t be neglected as well, and the players should be able to play in them, as well. After that, they could be brought to My Court. This was a very debated matter and it will make the game more fun and engaging.


NBA 2K18 announces to be a very interesting basketball simulator, with a lot of new features and engaging challenges. Now, we all know why players want play NBA 2K18, and what are the updates that they’re expecting. It’s only a matter of time until we will find out, if all these improvements will be brought to the new NBA simulator. By the way this time, you can play NBA 2K18 with mobile consoles like Nintendo Switch.