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Nvidia releases new drivers specifically optimized for Call of Duty 14: World War II

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nvidia new driver for WWII

Nvidia released the new GeForce GameReady 388.13 WHQL driver on Monday provides a special optimization for Call of Duty 14: World War II.

New driver download address: click to enter

Nvidia official said the new Game Ready driver will provide the best picture optimization for the latest series of new games which including performance, quality, and GFE settings. Nvidia engineers work day and night to develop, in order to ensure that player can first experience the best results for the new games when them come online.

Not only for Call of Duty 14: World War II, the new driver also provides a special optimization for the Wolfenstein 2: the new colossus and Need for Speed 20: Revenge. In addition, the new driver also fixes the second display monitor no signal and other bugs.