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TERA art concept

Complete beginner guide to play TERA game

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Tera is the free to play fantasy and interesting MMORPG game and this game was published by En Masse entertainment and Gameforge. This game takes MMORPG combat to next level with the enhanced dodging, aiming and tactical timing in order to make rewarding and intense combat. If you are looking to avoid getting hit in the combat, you must choose dodge attack instead of standing in the place and rely on the skill ratings or arbitrary armor. Continue reading

The importance of runescape gold if the players want to enjoy new adventures in RuneScape

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We all like to duck out of reality for a while and online fantasy games allow us to do just that. No matter what your motivation, it’s super easy to shrug off your worries or a bad day by delving into a new realm for a few hours. Just like Gielinor, in fact! If you’re looking for the ultimate fantasy world, then Gielinor in RuneScape is definitely your best bet. Plus, with this game you get to (virtually) meet other players and build up friendships with the same interests as you.

What about Runescape Game?

Runescape gold is important

For those who perhaps aren’t familiar with online games, playing RuneScape is an adventure which is rich with features and an excellent place to either start online gaming, or indeed continue it. There’s no discrimination against newbies to the realm. Within Gielinor you can move rapidly to explore the unique races, guilds, cities and dungeons where ancient gods have come to fight for their supremacy. Do you want to be your own hero? Well, here’s the place to do it! You can choose your abilities and play styles to suit different situations. Fancy being a healer? Or a warrior? Or a wizard? Or perhaps you can’t decide? Well, you’re in luck! With RuneScape Gold you can have all of these features at once. No more tearing your hair out trying to decide how you want to play.

It sounds great, how can I enhance my playing experience in RS game?

Buy Runescape Gold is EASY

OK, let’s move onto the more important issues. RuneScape may offer a wealth of possibilities in its fantasy world, but you can’t take advantage of them properly without investing in some RuneScape Gold, which is exactly like having cash in your wallet. This in-game currency comes in two forms, as RuneScape Gold (EOC Gold) or RuneScape 2007 Gold. With this currency safely in your virtual pocket, you can now buy certain items in Gielinor, either through trading or from the grand exchange. If you prefer, it can also be traded through the dual arena, direct trade or actually, any other method of trade of your choosing. RuneScape Gold is the primary resource used in RuneScape 2007 and RuneScape 3, where it can be used to purchase weapons, cosmetics and the highest tier armour. Quite frankly, it makes little sense to put your heart and soul into this online game without buying some RuneScape Gold. It quite literally opens up a wealth of extra possibilities that you just cannot access without RuneScape Gold. Without the gold, it’s not the same experience.

Where and how can I buy RuneScape Gold?

It’s easy – there are several RuneScape Gold sources online which makes buying it quick and painless. Some providers quote a turnaround time of just ten minutes – if they don’t hesitate then why should you? And, as always with reputable sources, they have excellent customer service to advise you in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong. You cannot underestimate the importance of RuneScape Gold if you want to take part in new adventures.

As a final point, it’s been proven that playing online games helps to keep your brain ticking over nicely which in turn gives a boost to your mental health. It’s important to do whatever you can to preserve your sanity, and investing in RuneScape Gold is an ideal way to do this, as it allows full participation in your alternative world.

Why it is a Wise Choice to Buy Madden Mobile Coins Online?

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As an American Football sports video game leader, EA is unrivaled in Madden game. EA released Madden NFL 18, a series of Madden NFL, in 2017. And Madden NFL Mobile get its new version at the same time. Presently, EA has integrated Madden NFL into players’ daily life perfectly. The video game Madden NFL 18 is played on PS4 and Xbox One, while mobile game platform offer access to Madden NFL Mobile.

madden mobile game

Why So Many Players Select Madden NFL Mobile?

Human society develops with the progress of science and technology, and now cellphone is a necessary for each person. An increasing number of players and users can’t take lots of time sitting in front of TV for long-time game play. More and more users start choosing mobile games to kill their fragmented time. So we come to the following conclusions:

1. Players spend their incoherent and fragmented time on mobile game.

2. Users who are not players also regard mobile game as one of their amusements.

3. Any user with cellphones is a potential game player.

It’s obvious EA has done a deep research on users’ needs. They have idea on how to design a mobile game to grasp the needs of these users.

so many players love to play madden mobile on the phone1.Users prefer games that don’t need to spend long time on it but games that they can play when they have spare time and don’t cost too much time.

2.Enjoy themselves during a short time. Differing from common video games that require few hours or even several hours on them, Mobile game is much faster so as to make players experience much fun during a few minutes.

3.Rich sociability. The Players tend to communicate with each other more frequently as a result of the convenience of cellphone. A good mobile game must have the function to offer convenient means for communication.

Obviously Madden NFL mobile has achieve success in the above points. Madden NFL mobile is a kind of collecting game that is similar to card-collection and has added real football-simulation element. It takes users certain time and money to collect the powerful players card to build their own team and then check out which team is the winner with opponent within 4-5 minutes. The crucial important thing in Madden NFL Mobile is the currency system.

Why We Say Buy Madden Mobile Coins Online is a Smart Decision?

There are two kinds of currency in Madden NFL mobile: Madden mobile coins and Madden mobile cash. Madden mobile coins can be acquired as rewards by completing in-game tasks and challenges while Madden mobile cash will be get if users recharge with real money.

Function of the Two Currency:

Madden mobile cash is mainly used to open player pack in order to get player card. Madden mobile coins is used for purchasing player card that is sold at Auction House from other players.

Madden mobile cash

Of course, getting madden players with the use of madden mobile cash is the fastest and most convenient method. However, it will takes players a lot of money obviously. You can also buy player card through Auction House in case that you have abundant Madden Mobile coins.
If you would like to save time and cost on Madden mobile, or you want to build a strong team during short time, personally I think choose a reliable Madden Mobile coins supplier to buy madden mobile coins is quite a sensible decision.

Nvidia releases new drivers specifically optimized for Call of Duty 14: World War II

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nvidia new driver for WWII

Nvidia released the new GeForce GameReady 388.13 WHQL driver on Monday provides a special optimization for Call of Duty 14: World War II.

New driver download address: click to enter

Nvidia official said the new Game Ready driver will provide the best picture optimization for the latest series of new games which including performance, quality, and GFE settings. Nvidia engineers work day and night to develop, in order to ensure that player can first experience the best results for the new games when them come online.

Not only for Call of Duty 14: World War II, the new driver also provides a special optimization for the Wolfenstein 2: the new colossus and Need for Speed 20: Revenge. In addition, the new driver also fixes the second display monitor no signal and other bugs.

The full info about FIFA 18- Platforms, Player Ratings, System Requirements and FIFA 18 coins

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FIFA 18 info

September is the month of football players. Because the much-anticipated FIFA 18 will be officially listed at the end of September, after half a year’s expectation, the players through a variety of channels to understand the information on the FIFA 18. New gameplay improvements, new teams, new player ratings, new game modes, etc., with FIFA 18 related information bit by bit leak, we finally came to FIFA 18 officially listed day. If you still need to understand some of the information about FIFA 18, then you can continue to read it.

Which Platforms we can play FIFA 18?

The most popular game platform of this generation is the PS4, XBOX ONE and handheld game platform – Nintendo Switch. There is no doubt that you can play on these platforms to FIFA 18, of course, if you have pre-ordered XBOX ONE X, you can enjoy the game’s highest picture performance.

dont worry fifa 18 still have ps3/xbox 360 editionwhat about FIFA 18 on PS3 and XBOX 360? As the platform of the old era, PS3 and XBOX 360 in the hardware performance has a certain disadvantage. But EA still brought us FIFA 18 PS3 and XBOX 360 version, but as a balance, PS3 and xbox 360 version of the FIFA 18 using the old game engine. So the gameplay with the PS4, XBOX ONE version of the FIFA 18 have a certain gap. But as a platform for the last generation, this is acceptable.

FIFA 18 PC version: On the PC version, the FIFA 18 game supports the new features of DX12. So in the configuration, players need to update their PC to fully support the FIFA 18 game new features. One more thing, Origin Access members can enter the game earlier than other platform players.

Here are the DX 12 PC system requirements recommended:

The official recommendation shows that the fifa 18 system requirements are not high.

For DX 12 Minimum Performance:

OS: Windows 10 – 64-Bit
CPU: Intel i3 6300T or equivalent benchmark (5,199) – Intel i3 4340 (5,226), and Intel i3 4350 (5,302) as alternatives.
AMD equivalent is AMD Athlon X4 870K (5,219) – AMD FX-4350 (5,272) and FX-4330 (5,297) as alternatives.
Hard Drive Space Required: 50.0 GB
Minimum Supported Video Cards: NVidia GeForce GTX 660 (4,116) 2GB or equivalent * AMD equivalent is Radeon RX 460 (4,218)/R9 270 (4,258)/R7 370 (4,258)
DirectX: 12.0

For DX 12 Recommended:

OS: Windows 10 – 64-Bit
CPU: Intel i3 6300T or equivalent benchmark (5,199) – Intel i3 4340 (5,226), and Intel i3 4350 (5,302) as alternatives.
AMD equivalent is AMD Athlon X4 870K (5,219) – AMD FX-4350 (5,272) and FX-4330 (5,297) as alternatives.
Hard Drive Space Required: 50.0 GB
Minimum Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
DirectX: 12.0

Click here if you want know the DX 11 or full informations about FIFA 18 pc system requirements.

FIFA 18 player ratings update:

As a fifa 18 gamer, nothing is more interesting than collecting a rare, powerful player card. Set up your own lineup, practice your own tactics, train your own players, and compete with other online players!

Please pay more attention to player ratings! This is a very important part of FIFA 18. The value of the data on behalf of the players in the performance of the game, the top players will not let you 100% victorious, but the bad players will bring more failure.

Here is the link that you can find the top 100 player ratings at easports:

FIFA 18 coins and online auction house:

If you are an old player, you will know the importance of fifa 18 coins. But I still give a little introduction here under the fifa 18 coins in the role of the game, if you are a new player, just touch the FIFA game series, hope here can help you.

Why you need get FIFA 18 coins? In the game, FIFA 18 coins is the currency in the game. Player trading, training players, training skills, custom appearance features, etc. The behavior of these games requires players to pay the corresponding FIFA 18 coins.


How to get FIFA 18 coins? In the game, players have a lot of ways to get coins, complete the task, win the game, and even you can in the auction house through the trading players to get coins, of course, this requires you to understand the value of the players, and have a certain of “business mind”.

Buy fifa 18 coins online? Yes, of course this is the easiest and quickest way to get fifa 18 coins. Since the start of the FIFA game, the FIFA coins deal between players has already begun. Although EA official does not agree with the players such behavior, but they have no right to terminate this behavior – which is between players and players. If you want to save time, and in the shortest possible time to make your team become stronger, buy fifa 18 coins online is valid, but you need to pay attention to protect  personal privacy and as much as possible to choose a reliable, Have a good reputation of the seller or player.

Playing guide for Madden NFL Mobile Game

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For the last couple of years, the mobile version has kept almost all Madden fan to their mobile phones and tablets. EA Sports have launched the mini version of its premium NFL Video game three years back and since then its huge hit. As true for all other mobile video games, Madden NFL has a few excellent tricks which can make the game exciting. The following Madden NFL mobile game guide will be helpful for every gamer who plays the game.

madden nfl mobile players guide

Pay more attention to official twitter will get more helps:

First of all, the game is available on both iOS and Android platform and there is hardly any difference in those two environments. To the relief of most gamers of Madden, the recent version of the game is much lighter than before and takes significantly less time to load. Just like all other’ freemium’ mobile games, Madden NFL is free to download with a lot of packs which can be unlocked at a certain price. The gamer has the option of going the hard way and reaching the top without spending a penny or he may choose to unlock a few packs to ride the ladder faster. However playing with a patient and earning small bits to make it big is the right way of playing any game. The more a person plays the expert he becomes and that eventually helps in playing at the highest level.

If you are a serious player, you should play the game every day since after every 7 days of playing a Pro Pack is won and this pack can be extremely helpful in buying better players and eventually winning more championships. Only a good strategy can win matches, and nothing else can replace a good strategy. In NFL games choosing the right player for the right position is very important in formulating a good strategy. A gamer must place the players most suitable for each and every position and make a strong team. It is true that at the beginning of the game, he will only have a bunch of players with mediocre skill but he has to create a strong playing eleven based not on their overall skill but individual attributes.

madden nfl mobile tips

Not only during the game, to manage a team requires a lot of strategy off-the-field. This means a smart gamer will be very careful dealing with his players. Setting the price to sell a player and setting a budget to buy a player is very important. After all, it is the money that will decide how strong a team you can build. Like a real life auction of players, the game’s auction runs on a set of rules. Most advanced players have stated that setting a price in round figure significantly reduces the chances of a player getting sold. Buy madden mobile coins will help you make your game easy.

It is true that like all other games, Madden NFL Mobile version also uses energy to play the game and once the energy is over, it slowly regenerates. This will require a lot of patience but if the player is serious about the game he will wait for energy to refill. Apart from playing the managerial game completing game sets is also important because each to sets once achieved unlock a lot of goodies. These are helpful in building a strong team. EA sports are trying to improve the mini game with every new version introducing more and more features. Just like a real game, patience, hard work and right strategy are keys to success in video games and this is true for Madden NFL also.

View more guide video:

Why we say NBA 2K18 is the best basketball game at this year

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NBA 2K18 is expected to be launched soon, and everybody is excited to find out, what new features will this game bring. According to the developers, there will be a major update and it will be focused mostly on the “Career Mode”. Even though they didn’t disclose any accurate information about the updates, the fans are already creating wishlists. In the following, we will tell you more about these wishlists and explain why players want play NBA 2K18.

NBA 2K18

1) Custom Skills

This feature was considered before, but it was never applied yet. However, it’s extremely interesting, because it allows you to simply put talent in a player. At the beginning, you will receive some skill points, that you could place wherever you want. For example, you could use these points to create a full strength player or one with enhanced ball control. Of course, by doing this, you will have less points for skills like speed or defensive, but it will worth it. A more valuable player would receive more skill points, while a cheaper one, will receive less. This will let you adjust the team better, and you will have to think more as a strategist, if you want to defeat your opponents.

2) Separate My Park from My Career In NBA 2K18

Many players stated that they will like NBA 2K18 more, if the developers will separate these two features. Even though they are both very fun, they don’t blend well, when they are being put together. In most people opinion, the My Park feature should be totally distinct from the main career mode. It should also be more competitive, allowing you to get some rewards, for every trick and jump that you make. In the previous versions, the ”My Park” was nothing more than a training feature, where you could master some of your slam dunks and schemes.

play nba 2k18 on ps4

3) Dedicated Shooters

Like any role-play simulator, NBA 2K18 should focus more on the players morale. People will love to play the game, if there will be one type of shooters, that increase their accuracy every time they’re on a hot streak. Their results should improve by 30%, every time they have a good morale, and return to their original state, once they get out of rhythm. Of course, their accuracy will still be improved once they gain more experience on the field.

4) Start From College

Because it’s a role-play game, players should start their career only from college, being able to advance afterwards. This will let them gain some experience by playing in the amateur leagues, managing to understand the basics. The additional summer leagues shouldn’t be neglected as well, and the players should be able to play in them, as well. After that, they could be brought to My Court. This was a very debated matter and it will make the game more fun and engaging.


NBA 2K18 announces to be a very interesting basketball simulator, with a lot of new features and engaging challenges. Now, we all know why players want play NBA 2K18, and what are the updates that they’re expecting. It’s only a matter of time until we will find out, if all these improvements will be brought to the new NBA simulator. By the way this time, you can play NBA 2K18 with mobile consoles like Nintendo Switch.

Want play NBA LIVE mobile? read this before you play it!

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NBA live mobile game, available for iOS and Android, allows you to choose an NBA team and assume the role of your team’s General Manager (GM). As the GM you can, later on, acquire more powerful players to add to team your team thus strengthening your squad. Unless you are purely playing to win, in which case you should only choose the team with the best players, it is always advisable to settle for your favorite team. Below are NBA live mobile game tips and tricks, guaranteed to help you get maximum coins, improve your game and win all games.

1. Understand the basics

nba live mobile player tips

If you are just starting out, and hence unsure where to start, learn the basics and dutifully follow the prompts. As GM, you can introduce your current players in your team or add players from past decades who surface as you open more and more card packs. However, while setting up your team, do not solely pay attention to the performance of the players. It is important to ensure that the players you choose match very well particularly if you desire to have a lineup that has a higher prospect of winning.

2. Avoid selling players at all costs when starting

how to play nba live mobile well

Focus your efforts towards piling up on your players, always watching the happenings in the market so as to identify and grab the best deal. Start by acquiring highly-rated players and bringing them on board to strengthen your team. Early on, your objective should be to get value for money, so buy players, with an aggregate rating of 65 and above, for as low as 200 nba live coins. Later on, as you continue playing, you’ll be able to acquire even better players.

3. Amass as many rewards as possible

Whenever you play a game as you go through the season, your team earns some coins. You also get a small amount of XP for every quarter you complete, in addition to other season rewards pack teams are entitled to for using the necessary lineups for the precise game you participate in. So, it is important to ensure you complete each season as quickly as possible so as to get tons of coins that you can later use to enhance your team.

4. Play and complete the Obstacle Drill

nba live mobile

Player packs hold the key to your team improvement. Surprisingly, you can get more packs without spending a single coin. How? By just playing the Obstacle Drill and making sure you complete it. After successfully completing one, you can either win a free card pack, trophies or better still, coins which you can use to buy player packs. Alternatively, you can participate in practices, which will, in turn, give you an opportunity to earn coins and packs free of charge.


Complete achievements and use wisely the coins you earn as rewards and never sell players unless it is necessary. Most importantly, understand your players and team up those you know will mesh up well. Also, always play through the season and use the bonus coins, you earn in the process, to create and maintain the strongest team in NBA live mobile.

6 tips to make you learn how to win in Madden NFL 17 mobile game

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Madden NFL 17 Mobile game is one of the most popular football games. There are several new additions in this latest version which will excite the fans. They have improved the AI. And the graphics is also comparable with the console version. They have also introduced several passing options which will make the game more fun. Here are some tips which will help you to play Madden NFL 17 Mobile game like a pro:

madden nfl 17 mobile

1. Clock Management: It is very important to keep an eye on the clock. In total, there are four quarters with a few minutes of breaks in between. Each team also gets just a limited number of timeouts, so you should try and make maximum use of them.

In case you are entering the second half with a good lead and you have a pretty solid defense, then your aim should be to just run the ball and force your opponents to use their timeouts. And if you are behind and trying to catch up, then instead of running the ball, your aim should be to get good field position. Continue reading